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Most drivers would agree brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Even a slight loss of function can significantly affect safety on the road.

Telltale Signs

The first signs of brake failure may not be difficulty slowing down or stopping. A grinding or screeching noise, or a rattling from the wheel well, are often indicators of a problem. If you hear any unusual noises, contact the Service Center at Pacifico Hyundai as soon as possible.  

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Brakes are a complicated auto part with many different components. If even one is malfunctioning you could be left with a serious problem, and improper repairs may make the situation worse. Trust the qualified techs at Pacifico to diagnose and solve your brake problems quickly and correctly.

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It's easy to get back on the road with Pacifico. Just give us a call or fill out our online form for an appointment that fits your schedule. We service more than just Hyundai too!

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New Brakes in Philadelphia Area

Pacifico Hyundai offers a wide variety of vehicle maintenance services, including brake repair, to our customers in the Philadelphia area. Schedule today and we'll be sure to give you top quality service!

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