Prepare Your Car to Tackle the Winter Weather

As a car owner you will know that one of the toughest seasons for your car is winter. With winter quickly approaching it is important that you take the time to get your car serviced by professionals in preparation of the cold weather and the snow. Here at Pacifico Hyundai in Philadelphia, PA our service center is ready to be of get your car prepared to tackle the change of weather.

Winter weather can be quite rough on your car, but if you take the time to prepare your car for the weather, your car can continue to perform how it is expected, even when the weather turns for the worst. Our staff in the service center is well-equipped to help get your car prepared to tackle the snow, salt, ice and cold weather. Additionally, we will also check your battery to make sure that it is cranking at the correct levels to ensure your car starts even when the car is at its coldest!

One of the first things that our staff can do for your car is do an oil change! With an oil change right before the winter you will be able to have an engine that is running cleaner, smoother, and more efficiently. We will make sure we use the right oil that is rated and weighted to handle the cold weather. Secondly, when you work with our service center you will also get a chance to get the proper winter tires for your car. Winter tires are incredibly important for winter driving as they are formulated specifically to tackle the winter weather and handle snow and ice. With the right winter tires, you will have the chance to stay safer and more confident on the road than ever before.

When you are looking to get your car ready to tackle the winter roads around Philadelphia, Darby, PA, Springfield, PA, and Camden, NJ, make the trip over to Pacifico Hyundai and our service center is ready to help! We have some incredible staff members who will ensure that your car will be comfortable and safe when the weather turns. See you soon!

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