You need a new SUV, but money is a factor. Don't settle for what you think you can afford. You will find everything you need in a beautiful package when you look to a used Hyundai Santa Fe from Pacifico Hyundai. You'll find it provides just as much power and cargo space as a new Santa Fe while satisfying your need for a price-conscious SUV. If you ask us, there is no better way to get around Conshohocken, PA than behind the wheel of an adventurous Hyundai Santa Fe.

You can find the Hyundai Santa Fe in two basic configurations. There are the traditional two-row Santa Fe and the three-row variation. With those as options, you know you are in for a spacious and comfortable ride around Springfield, PA. But what makes the Santa Fe a great option when it comes to selecting the right used SUV for your drive? Let's look at some of the determining factors:

  • Composed and Powerful Drive: The Santa Fe is a smooth handler when you take on the streets of Philadelphia. Find as much as 290 horsepower available as you romp across the City of Brotherly Love. The six-speed automatic transmission is sure and reliable for a smooth commute through rush hour traffic.
  • Seating Options: Few SUVs bring you the choices the Santa Fe can when deciding how to carry your passengers. If you just plan on maxing out of five, the two-row option provides more than enough room for everyone to enjoy the ride. If you like the idea of carrying more, then the three-row Santa Fe is the choice for you. Either way, you can't lose.
  • Safety is a Priority: They Hyundai Santa Fe considers Each and every passenger important. That is why you'll find a bevy of safety features and technology loaded in the Santa Fe. There must be a reason the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Hyundai Santa Fe a Top Safety Pick+ three years in a row. Driver-assist technology and advanced engineering make it stand out in a field of SUVs, in terms of prioritizing your safety.

It is one thing for Pacifico Hyundai to out the Hyundai Santa Fe, but when it comes from well-respected publications, then you know you are dealing with something special. When you take its powerful performance, sophisticated interior, and award-winning safety features, the Hyundai Santa Fe is the real deal. It just goes to show, it doesn't have to be new to be a great SUV. Discover how a used Hyundai Santa Fe from Pacifico Hyundai can change your life and save you money.

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